We have successfully achieved affordable price policy by the feed additive ‘Rapha Breoun’.

Our Products

Rapha Breoun environment improver (reducing loose feces and odor)

Affordable price and honest effect.
Hanong Co., Ltd., which established unparalleled exceptional price policy.
Rapha Breoun will be useful for livestock farm with honest effect.

Saponia (Tasty somatomedin)

Promoting weight gain (enhancing metabolism, circulatory organ system and immunity ability), enhancing egg shell, increasing milk production

Breoun Farm (Highly concentrated probiotics)

This probiotics is designed for optimum livestock physiology, consisting of probiotics and complex enzyme for quick growth and balancing of intestinal good bacteria. It balances intestinal microbial colony and provides excellent effect in livestock growth and health.

Glucose (energy source)

Glucose is bypassed to body cell without any interference from digestive fluid, rendering metabolism action as an energy source required for cell function as well as activating intestines, secreting digestive fluid and physiological function.

Hongsam Breoun (special effect on immunity)

Hongsam Bruwn contains a lot of saponin ingredient and so it is helpful for improving productivity by enhancing immunity, liver and intestines’ function as well as hastening growth.

Glycerin (energy source)

Glycerin is converted to propionic acid in ruminant stomach and then absorbed or bypassed, and its sweet taste improves preference. It surfactant effect is useful for activating enzyme in ruminant stomach.

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